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Lada Priora

The Lada Priora is an economy car produced by the Russian automaker AvtoVAZ since March 2007. It is largely a restyled Lada 110 and in 2009 replaced it. By 16 May 2012, 650,000 Prioras were produced.

Body styles

  • VAZ-2170: base sedan (is produced since March 2007);

  • VAZ-2171 Universal: station wagon (is produced since May 2009);

  • VAZ-2172: 5-door hatchback (is produced since February, 2008);

  • VAZ-2172 Coupé: 3-door hatchback, based on the 5-door hatchback (is produced since 18 January 2010 - limited production);

  • VAZ-21708 Priora Premier: long-wheelbase version of the sedan, with an extra 175 mm (is produced in small numbers since the autumn of 2008);


Also convertible versions are going to be produced in small numbers, according to the demand.

In June 2011 Lada announced that they will offer soon a version with a 90 hp engine, the weight will be reduced by 39% compared to the 98 hp basic engine. The engine will be more long-lasting with up to 200,000 km mileage.

In August 2011 a new version named Lada Priora CNG was announced. It will be powered by gasoline and Compressed natural gas (CNG). The fuel tank will hold 43 liter and the four gas tanks 96 liter. The range with gasoline will be 580 km and 330 km with CNG.


Base Prioras come with standard driver's side airbag and electric power steering. Since May 2008, Lada Priora offers a «Lux» package, which includes passenger airbag, seat belt pretensioners in the front seats, ABS and parking sensors. In addition, some packages add standard air conditioning with climate control, integrated audio with bluetooth handsfree, heated front seats, automatic headlamps and rain sensor. On the other hand, automatic transmission, electronic stability control and side airbags are not offered. The car received a 1.6l engine with 16 valves and new transmission, designed to transfer torque of 145Nm and a box set of closed transmission bearings with extended lifespan.

Motor sport

The LADA Sport team contested the latter part of the 2009 World Touring Car Championship season with a trio of Prioras, having started the season with Lada 110s.