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Kalina mk1

The Lada Kalina is a supermini produced by the Russian automaker AvtoVAZ and sold under the Lada brand. It began production in November 2004 as the 2004 year model in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus, although dealership availability for foreign markets started only in September 2005. The name Kalina comes from the Russian name for a type of viburnum.

The three models developed are:

Lada 1117 – 5-door station wagon (production began in 2007/2008)

Lada 1118 – 4-door sedan (full production began in 2005/2006)

Lada 1119 – 5-door hatchback (full production began in 2006)


There are three gasoline engines, ranging from 81 to 98 hp (60 to 72 kW). The Kalina is exported to most Western European markets with a price of about €7,000–8,000. It offers driver and passenger airbags, ABS, electric power steering, air conditioning and rear seats that can be folded so that a horizontal platform is formed. On the other hand, automatic transmission, electronic stability control and side airbags are not offered.

Its name is Kalina in most countries, but in Finland it is marketed as Lada 119, because "kalina" means "rattle" in Finnish. It is not sold in certain markets. A sportier version, the Lada Kalina GS Sport, is also produced. Its main competitors are cars like the Dacia Logan and Hyundai Accent.

Lada's parent company AvtoVAZ has also released a Super 1600 concept car, the Lada Kalina Hatchback Super 1600 which theoretically is a competitor to the Dacia Logan Super 2000 or S2000. It uses the same 1.6 petrol as standard models but it is not naturally aspirated. It uses a turbocharger or a supercharger. The racing car's power range is ~200-~300 bhp, but the IAA concept had a naturally aspirated 1.6 engine with 120 bhp.

In mid-2011, AvtoVAZ announced Kalina's replacement with a second generation of Lada superminis, whose plaque will be changed to Lada Granta. Production started in late 2011 (as the 2012 year model), with eventual possibility of export to foreign countries.

Kalina mk2

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