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Lada Granta

The Lada Granta is a subcompact car developed by Russian automaker AvtoVAZ in collaboration with Renault, based on the Lada Kalina platform. Mass sales started in Russia on 1 December 2011. Additional production at the Izhevsk plant began in September 2012, after the old VAZ 2104 was removed from production.



The Granta is considered to be a step away from the classic A, B and C segment class cars and towards the needs of young Russians and small Russian families wanting supermini sedans designs which are somewhat more popular in Russia after 2010. Moreover, the Granta will likely compete with the foreign market in Russia since most European superminis exported there are hatchbacks, and thus smaller yet more expensive.

Trim levels

The Granta comes in three different trim levels: Standard, Norm and Lux. The Norm level includes power steering, front power windows, power door locks and trip computer, while Lux adds passenger airbag, ABS, rear power windows, air conditioning, heated mirrors, CD/MP3 player and heated front seats.